Bye Bye Consultancy

Season 1 - U/A English

‘Bye Bye Consultancy’ is a comedy take on the illegal migration service providers in Gujarat, who are into making a fast buck by hoodwinking innocent, gullible people, dreaming to relocate to the Land of Uncle Sam, the United States of America.


English translation, appended herewith, may not accurately depict vernacular nuances of the proposed slap-stick. However, this would serve to convey the basic concept and the treatment thereof.


In a nutshell, Jitu, wanting to be respected as Jitendrabhai, tries his luck at numerous enterprises, miserably failing at each one of them. He, thereafter, in tandem with his handsome son, Aditya, decides to start a consultancy agency, to facilitate migrations to the USA. The underlying idea is to hoodwink gullible individuals to cough-up their hard earned money, by promising them migration and employment in the USA.


The proposed serial would show-case their methods to cheat people from different walks of life in a humorous fashion.

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